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On September 8, 2023, CRM Studio took part in a large-scale event that has never been seen before

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On September 8, 2023, CRM Studio took part in a large-scale event that has never been seen before. At the invitation of our partners, GigaCloud, we were pleased to showcase our offerings at the Svoe.IT. Showroom of Ukrainian software.

The goal of the exhibition was to popularize Ukrainian software, increase the level of trust in domestic IT solutions, and abandon Russian programs forever. More than 1500 guests tested more than 30 programs from Ukrainian developers.

"We missed out. Since the early 90s, we have all missed the time to develop and support Ukrainian software. We missed the capture of our market by Russian 1C, Bitrix and other programs. While they were pouring huge amounts of money into promotion and building a network of integrators, we were not paying attention to our own, Ukrainian IT. According to analysts, more than 70% of Ukrainian businesses currently use Russian programs. Now it's time to pick up the pieces. It's time to choose Svoe.IT," said Volodymyr Belov, CEO of GigaCloud Ukraine.

Vasyl Murashko, director of CRM Studio, believes: "After February 22, it became immediately clear which software should no longer be used. But some companies still haven't found analogues among Ukrainian software. That is why the popularization and development of our software products is more important than ever. It is the support of the domestic economy, its development and one of the mechanisms of independence of every Ukrainian business from external events." 

Among the dozens of Ukrainian development companies that create CRM and accounting systems, solutions for call tracking, document management, end-to-end analytics, POS and a dozen other areas of work, our company made a presentation of new products that became a new direction of CRM Studio.  

SUITECRM HOSTED UA and SUITE ASSURED are solutions based on Suite CRM that you can confidently use in your business. Learn more about the products by following the links. 

Based on the results of the exhibition, we can confidently say that the product we have been working with for many years, the Suite CRM system, is popular and in demand. All of our new partners who have shown interest and desire to cooperate appreciate our new products and have already seen the advantages of Suite CRM among other CRM systems. 

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