Migration to SuiteCRM

Switching to SuiteCRM from another CRM

CRM Studio provides migration services from any CRM solution to Suite CRM. If your current CRM system does not perform all the necessary tasks or does not contain enough functionality for data processing, we can offer a solution to migrate from your current system to Suite CRM.

Any company in the process of work accumulates a large database of customers, contacts, accounts and other information important for business. When the system is not adapted to the specifics of the business, employees begin to look for alternatives, and over the time of this search, they gradually go into something else, filling out the database in CRM for show, in such cases, management needs to make a decision and change CRM already taking into account all business -processes and their inherent specifics.

If your existing CRM system does not allow:

  • Add new users due to the limited budget for CRM maintenance;
  • Solve business problems with the growth of data and the expansion of the staff;
  • Improve sales processes;
  • Combine all external systems to work with different channels in one place;
  • Get rid of chaos in CRM;
  • Leave the old and inconvenient interface;
  • Get full analytics on the work of all managers and departments;
  • Functionally make a merger or division of companies.

    We offer you a service to migrate data from your CRM system to a convenient, understandable, professional, high-performance and reliable Suite CRM system.

For a correct and correct transfer, it is necessary to analyze the existing structure in your system and develop a similar one in the Suite CRM system. When analyzing and developing the structure, CRM Studio can offer you a more convenient solution architecture. This happens due to the analysis of the data that is stored in your current system and the flexibility of setting up the CRM Suite. For example, if your system contained 3 separate entities for requests from different communication channels, then we can implement everything within one module by delimiting access rights, flexible filter settings and adding the necessary tag fields to be able to work with requests and requests in one place.В результате услуги по миграции от компании CRM Studio Вы получите:

  • Developed architectural solution according to your data structure;
  • A clear idea of ​​how and what data should be transferred;
  • Matching employees between systems;
  • Data loss control during migration;
  • Data security during transmission;
  • Ready-made CRM-solution for convenient and efficient operation of all structural divisions of your business.

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