About CRM Studio

About CRM Studio

CRM Studio is one of the leaders in the European and CIS market in implementing and configuring the SuiteCRM system.

Our clients are companies from Europe, Asia, Australia and America. We have implemented Suite CRM in companies from more than 10 countries. We have successfully implemented more than 200 projects for clients from various business areas - the banking sector, restaurant business, insurance companies, real estate portals, law firms and others.

Our integrated CRM processes hundreds of thousands of records - the detailed auditing and flexible configuration of the CRM Suite allowed our customers to cope with small and large amounts of data.

To help you achieve your business goals, we analyze existing business processes, identify opportunities for improvement, customize CRM individually for your business, train your employees and continue to adapt the system to new tasks in accordance with the development of the company.

✓ Audit and development of business processes - we determine the needs of the client, analyze existing business processes, develop CRM solutions that help solve specific problems for your company.

✓ SuiteCRM setup according to your business requirements - we help you install the system on the server and customize it for your specific request, because the boxed solution contains a fairly extensive list of functionality that is not always needed by the end user.

✓ Integration of SuiteCRM with other systems - CRM integrates with any programs, matches any client software, including financial accounting systems. We implement SuiteCRM integration with all external services you need to work with data.

✓ SuiteCRM Service and Support - We continue to service and support your CRM solution after implementation and configuration to keep your business running smoothly.

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