Configuration of SuiteCRM

Configuring SuiteCRM for Maximum Efficiency

The implementation of one or another ready-made CRM always involves personal adjustment of all product configurations in such a way that its functioning fully takes into account the specifics of a particular enterprise. Thanks to the correctly set operating parameters, you will be able to take full advantage of the selected system. CRM Studio offers a service for configuring and setting up the SuiteCRM system.

The SuiteCRM system is an open source system and an affordable solution for anyone, it contains already defined functionality with its own list of modules that already have certain default fields.

Often this functionality does not always fully satisfy the needs of the organization and it becomes necessary either to hide unnecessary functionality that is provided in the basic solution, or vice versa - to expand it with additional fields, modules and even processes. After the introduction of the product and additional modules, it is necessary to customize the entire toolkit for the needs of the organization.

We can make changes to the CRM solutions you already installed that your company uses, or configure a boxed solution. To do this, you just need to provide us with a list of fields and the format of the data that should be stored in them. Based on the received data, our specialists will draw up a technical task or configure the system according to the technical task provided by you.

SuiteCRM configuration service is:

• customization of dashlets and their filters for convenient work with data;

• setting up the main page of SuiteCRM;

• hiding and adding fields in system modules;

• setting up cards with data - arrangement of fields in the right order;

• setting up filters for working with data in module lists;

• unique presentation of data forms - adding tabs, sub-panels;

• setting up business processes;

• creation and customization of reports;

• creation of additional modules in CRM.

If you need help setting up CRM, contact CRM Studio and be sure that your SuiteCRM system will work as efficiently as possible!


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