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CRM Studio implements SuiteCRM integration with all external services you need to work with data. CRM integrates with any program where the API is available, matches any client software, including financial accounting systems.

The SuiteCRM platform has its own API, which allows integration using a standard protocol. Of course, due to the open source, this API can be improved, you can create your own methods, or even create your own API. For example, after filling out an application on the site, it is not easy to create a new client, but at the same moment control duplicates in the system, notify managers, etc.

The most common integrations include:

  • telephony/various virtual PBX services (for example, a ready-made integration module with Asterisk);
  • data export to any MS Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others);
  • various solutions on the 1C platform (as a rule, from a technical point of view, there are no problems, but almost always a 1C specialist is needed on the part of the Customer, since data flows differ from project to project: in one case, you need to upload counterparties from CRM to 1C, and in the other, on the contrary, load details from 1C);
  • Google map services. Allow you to display customers on the map, collect statistics by region, plan routes, etc.;
  • sites, landings, online stores/CMS. Integration can be implemented in any direction, for example, to receive applications/leads from the site, taking into account key queries, etc. or upload the statuses of transactions, requests, etc. to the site;
  • mailing services: it is more convenient and efficient to carry out mailings using external services than using the capabilities of the built-in SuiteCRM module;
  • communication channels: mail, social networks, online consultants, instant messengers. Thanks to the integration of them, you can download information about customers and the history of interaction with them, answer questions, conduct correspondence, automate communication using chat bots;
  • internal systems of the company. The main conditions for successful integration are the availability of common integration tools and interaction with the developer of an external system;
  • Google services - mail, calendar and others - to access SuiteCRM data in a familiar format for users.

Also, some industry-specific CRM solutions can be integrated with specific services: for example, to download current exchange rates or exchange information with bulletin boards.

Our integrated CRM processes hundreds of thousands of records - a detailed audit and flexible configuration of Suite CRM allows our customers to cope with the exchange of small and large amounts of data and implement integrations of any complexity.


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