Implementation of SuiteCRM

Successful implementation of SuiteCRM

For the successful implementation of a CRM system, a certain concept must be developed. It is important to understand that the future payback of the spent resources depends on the correct implementation and thoroughness of preparation for this stage. CRM Studio goes through a series of steps together with the Customer to obtain the result that the Customer expects to receive from the use of the CRM system. At the preliminary stage, the integrator performs the following functions:

  • Definition of business goals and business processes to be automated;
  • Preparation of business process prototypes;
  • Development of terms of reference for the implementation and integration of CRM;
  • Development of terms of reference for additional functionality;
  • Setting CRM in accordance with the terms of reference.

To help you achieve your business goals, we analyze your existing business processes, identify opportunities for improvement, customize CRM for your business, train your employees and continue to adapt the system to new tasks in accordance with the development of your business.

The implementation of SuiteCRM from the company CRM Studio includes the following work: 

  • Placement of CRM on hosting (server provided by the client or our company);
  • Development of the missing functionality (all functionality agreed upon and described in the terms of reference);
  • Testing of the implemented system with all integrations and modifications;
  • Presentation of the work performed on the implementation of the CRM system;
  • Conducting training on working with the system;
  • Product technical support.

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