Users training of SuiteCRM

After training, your specialists will quickly master the Suite CRM

CRM Studio offers a training service for using the Suite CRM system. Our specialists provide training for managers, administrators, managers, accountants, etc.

The implementation of a CRM system is considered successful when future users do not experience any difficulties while working in the system and easily accept the logic and interface of the product. Training is the key to accepting the tool. Don't try to explain in theory how the system works. Getting practical knowledge is much more effective: the sooner users can start using CRM, the sooner they can start asking questions, which means improving the system right along the way of its implementation.

In order for the use of the system to bring the maximum effect, and the tasks to be performed with the expected return, the customer can help the staff by providing information on the use of the product. Business benefits from the efficient use of employees' time, rather than long self-education.

We use a methodology developed by us that takes into account the level of training of the user being trained. Our teaching methodology allows you to learn more than 80% of the information, consolidating knowledge in practice. After training, your specialists will quickly master the Suite CRM system.

The following options for training Suite CRM users are available:

• Remote training (Skype, TeamViewer, etc.).

• Preparation of detailed instructions.

• Preparation of video tutorials with explanations and comments.

Training from CRM Studio is training from professionals that will not become a burden.


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