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A professional CRM system for enterprises, functionally equal to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, with greater technological independence at significantly lower costs. Developed by Sales Agility (UK),  supported by the international community of developers.

SuiteCRM is the most popular open source CRM system in the world. Online critics, periodicals and, of course, clients speak about it. Thanks to the justified trust of 4.5 million users, SuiteCRM has become the #1 open source CRM system in the world, which is confirmed by awards and awards received.
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Suite CRM is a free, open-source online customer relationship management system. SuiteCRM is completely open source - this means no license fees or restrictions from the CRM provider. To try and describe Suite CRM in a few words, it is a constructor that can be assembled from customer queries into a single solution. The system is quite flexible in terms of settings and in most cases does not limit the user's wishes within the architecture of the finished product.

If you have decided that for the effective operation of your business it is necessary to implement a CRM-system, then I would like to tell you about a number of advantages of the product, which is represented by our company:

✓ Transferred to the ownership of the customer, which implies no monthly license fees.

✓ It does not limit the number of users of the system.

✓ It is a professional, high-performance and reliable CRM-system, functional as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

✓ SuiteCRM provides the ability to independently choose the server to install the system.

✓ Allows you to fine-tune the CRM-system for the business processes of the company.

✓ Provides the ability to expand functionality and integration with various external services.

✓ Logs into the CRM system through an Internet browser. It has an adaptive design, making the system accessible on any mobile device.

SuiteCRM platform has its own API, which allows for integration using a standard protocol. Of course, this API can be refined at the expense of the open source, you can create your own methods or even create your own API. For example, after filling out a request on the site, do not just create a new customer, but at the same moment control duplicates in the system, notify managers, etc.

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